from January 21, 2019


LARGHEVEDUTE Via Volvinio, 1 20141 Milano

Larghevedute, with more than 25 years of activity, is based in Milan and manufactures exclusive hand-painted decorations on paper or on cotton canvas. Each work is done in every phase exclusively by hand: hands that work, draw and paint meticulously, moved by passion and profound knowledge of the material, with the elegant sensitivity typical of artistic mastery. The designs are unique, often made freehand, and can be customized. The subjects, featuring both natural and abstract themes, are inspired by the superb centuries-old Italian drawing and painting tradition.

Larghevedute re-discovers the beauty and uniqueness of handmade art, the ancient decorative traditions are reinterpreted with Italian creativity and taste to produce elegant and sophisticated interior designs that can decorate contemporary spaces. The mission is to bring the excellence of ancient craftsmanship into contemporary lifestyle through the merging of tradition and innovation.